navigating uae health insurance

Selecting the right UAE health insurance policy can cause a mixture of feelings ranging from confusing and frustrating to downright overwhelming. The medical insurance industry has become extremely competitive and complex to navigate. Unfortunately, some companies seek profitability to the detriment of your bank account. Premiums can range from several thousand dirhams for basic plans […]

insurance and artificial intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has proven to reshape the landscape of our modern lives. From the AI virtual assistants of Siri and Alexa who dictate your schedule on command to the self-driving cars you see navigating the highway, the evolution towards automated production and systems has morphed into a more personalised and convenient way of providing […]

landlord and tenant Insurance service petra insurance

Most homeowners understand the importance of protecting their assets with homeowners insurance. However, if you own investment properties, a standard homeowners insurance policy may not provide the scope of coverage needed to protect your investments. Here is everything you need to know about landlord insurance. What is Landlord Insurance? Landlord insurance is a policy for […]

It’s hard to imagine our world without the protection of comprehensive insurance. From personal life insurance and vehicle insurance to corporate insurance, insurance coverage is designed to protect our interests in the unlikely event of the ‘worst case scenario.’ First mentioned in the London Gazette in 1688, the article declared a reward for “five stolen […]

sports insurance for athletes petra insurance

As the world of professional sports has grown into a robust, multi-billion dollar industry, today’s team owners, sport-industry partners, professional athletes, and media personalities have more opportunities to accumulate wealth and fame. Professional athletes, in particular, face increased risks of bodily harm. In the most severe cases, an injury can prove to be career ending. […]

insurance policies to protect your loved ones

The idea of investing in basic and comprehensive Life Insurance to provide for your loved ones in the event of an untimely death is not uncommon. However, there are many unique insurance policies to cover even the strangeness of life’s potential unexpected events. As we approach Valentine’s Day, let’s take a look at some of […]