how does marine insurance work
The marine industry has a wide range of challenges and logistical responsibilities related to transporting and protecting their customer’s treasured possessions and valuable assets. Marine insurance is essential for ship owners, cargo owners, Freight forwarding companies and shipping corporations to protect their financial interests, as well as their reputation. In this article, we will take [...]
how your e-commerce based company can benefit from embedded insurance
When it comes to e-commerce, owners tend to put insurance on the back burner. Instead, buyers focus on their need for a product, and sellers direct their attention to the more tangible business assets, which leaves no time or desire to consider insurance policies. However, insurtechs are changing the e-commerce landscape by combining insurance with [...]
what smes and hr managers should know about corporate medical insurance
The Health Insurance Law of Dubai No 11 (2013) states employers are legally obligated to provide medical coverage for their employees. The level of health insurance must meet or exceed the minimum benefits stipulated by DHA in Dubai. While it’s legally required for businesses to provide corporate medical insurance, there are many benefits to providing [...]
why you must disclose ailments before buying medical and health insurance
A common mistake people make when purchasing Medical & health insurance is not disclosing their pre-existing illnesses to the insurance company. This is usually because they are concerned their pre-existing conditions will lead to being denied coverage or increased premium fees. However, you must tell your insurance provider all your medical history to ensure proper [...]
five trends poised to shape the life insurance industry in 2022
As we move into 2022 and beyond, insurers will invest considerably in reimagining the customer’s journey across the lifecycle of their policy, with a focus on life insurance. In particular, the need for life insurance has been brought to the forefront and gained significant visibility since COVID-19 struck. The health and well-being of self and [...]
workmens compensation insurance what is it and why do you need it
As a company, you strive to maintain a safe work environment. Yet, accidents happen. In the event of an onsite employee accident or injury, workmen’s compensation insurance protects your business against liabilities.  Mandatory, UAE Federal Law No. 8 requires all companies to compensate employees who are injured due to an accident at work. In the [...]
what is a preferred provider organization plan
Often when choosing a new job or independently purchased insurance plan, the important question you should be asking yourself is, how good is the insurance coverage? For some, utilizing a preferred provider organization plan (PPO) is the way to go. But what exactly does that mean?  Today, the insurance experts at Petra are going to [...]