International Medical Insurance Coverage: A Compelling Case for You
Are you looking for the best Medical Insurance Cover? Do you want international coverage? How about hassle-free direct billing and claims settlement? This article is meant to give you the utmost clarity regarding the most inclusive and comprehensive medical insurance coverage around today. Here is why we recommend International Medical Insurance Coverage and how to get [...]
how to choose fleet insurance to fit your company needs
When most people think of the term “fleet insurance,” they often assume it’s a typical insurance policy that offers coverage for several vehicles under one plan. However, fleet insurance isn’t exactly the same as your standard auto insurance plan. Fleet insurance plans are designed to help your company save money while simultaneously making it safer [...]
why do small business owners need cyber liability insurance
By now, you’ve probably heard in the news or read in the headlines that large companies are frequently exposed to ransomware attacks resulting in data breaches and network failures. When this happens, companies face hefty fines, legal expenses, and the cost associated with a loss in reputation.  The fact of the matter is, ransomware attacks [...]
do i need strata insurance
Strata insurance policies are designed to protect the common areas of jointly owned residential property, group, and community title properties, body corporates, owners corporations, and strata managers. Jointly owned property (JOP) is the term used to describe a building or land that has been divided into units and where part of the land or building [...]
what businesses need to know about business interruption insurance
If we’ve learned anything over the past year, it’s that we can’t always plan for unexpected events that can impact our business. That’s where business interruption insurance can help. An add on or extension to your property insurance, this form of coverage provides protection against a variety of common interruptions, including natural disasters, equipment damage, [...]
post-covid insurance packages for businesses
We tend to look at the world through a different lense these days: before Covid-19 and post Covid-19. Before the global pandemic, we gathered in large groups unmasked, worked in tight office spaces, and felt generally protected against the unknown. As the world continues to vaccinate and manage the virus, we are left to think [...]
future proofing your business with proper insurance coverage
Is your business underinsured? Are you paying for more coverage than you need? Let’s explore what you need to know about ensuring your business is protected with the right amount of coverage. We all know that we need insurance to protect our business. From Business Insurance and Business Interruption Insurance to Business Protection Insurance, there [...]
Pre-existing Medical Condition in Health Insurance - What You Need to Know
According to Dubai’s Health Law No. 11, all residents, expats, and dependents are required by law to carry health insurance. Your health is your most valuable asset, and when your health is in jeopardy, you need to know your medical bills will be covered. Medical insurance provides coverage for medical expenses relating to an accident [...]