A Silent Crisis, Heart Disease in the UAE at Dangerous Levels

A Silent Crisis, Heart Disease in the UAE at Dangerous Levels

According to a study by the Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi published recently, 71% of UAE residents have at least one major risk factor for heart diseases. We can’t underscore how high this risk is: 2 in 3 people are susceptible to heart disease. These factors, according to the study of people reported, 23% percent have high blood pressure, 15% have diabetes and 21% are obese. 

This is a national health crisis with many unhealthy lifestyle factors to blame: The study showed that 35% saying they don’t exercise regularly, 32% are under high levels of stress and 20% are regular smokers. This confluence is all making up to a major issue for people in the UAE. 

While these numbers are worrying, people can take proactive measures to improve their health:

  • Eat a diet high in vegetables and fish, while avoiding red meat and processed sugars
  • Stay active by regularly exercising and walking while avoiding long periods of sitting or sedentary lifestyle
  • Manage your stress through finding healthy outlets such as a hobby or exercise as well better managing your budget to avoid added financial stress
  • Take care of your mental health.

For more tips on a healthy lifestyle, please check out this reference.

From an insurance broker perspective, what we worry about is people getting the right type of coverage because basic medical insurance may not always provide adequate coverage. Heart disease, and heart attacks, are categorized under Critical Illness Coverage

What is Critical Illness Insurance?

Critical illness insurance is additional coverage within medical insurance that covers emergencies like strokes, heart attacks, and cancers. Since these illnesses come with extremely high medical costs, this insurance is considered an ‘extra’ or ‘added value’ which an insurance provider may charge for as opposed to a regular health insurance plan which may not cover all or some of the costs of this treatment. 

Why it’s so important to talk to a broker about critical illness cover?

First, speak to an expert who can find you the right health insurance plan, both medical and critical illness coverage, that meets your current financial situation. Secondly, part of having a good health insurance program means also considering life insurance to ensure your family and loved ones are taken care of.

When you combine these packages, you can really address major risks in your life and ensure you will be able to financially recover as well as protect yourself and your family. This is a very sensitive subject, but this is our business. The advantage of having a broker is you are dealing with a party that has your interest in mind and can negotiate with insurance companies on your behalf to provide the best possible package.

As we are committed to the UAE and have been since the 1960s, we want people here to lead healthy lives and seeing these worrying numbers has only strengthened our resolve to bring our clients clarity when it comes to health and critical illness insurance.

We’re here to support you and bring you clarity: Contact one of our health insurance experts for advice on which plan is right for you and how to navigate health insurance: by email or phone 800-PETRA or reach out on social media: FacebookInstagramTwitter and LinkedIn.

A Silent Crisis, Heart Disease in the UAE at Dangerous Levels


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