car insurance trends in the time of covid-19

The global pandemic has impacted almost all aspects of life. Even car insurance has been affected!  Primarily, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, motor Insurance rates have dropped across the board. Most insurance providers are now offering very competitive premiums, discounts, and different vouchers on comprehensive and third-party coverage. With fewer cars on the road and […]

risk management and the importance of competent brokers

In a move that proved to have more foresight than anyone could have ever predicted, in 2017, University of Illinois Business School Dean Jeffery Brown purchased revenue and pandemic insurance worth up to $61 million with their Chinese student body population in mind, which represents nearly one-third of their engineering program.  Due to many clerical […]

why difficult to find good classic car insurance

First, what is classic car insurance? Well, classic car insurance isn’t like the “normal” car insurance most people have on their vehicles. This type of insurance is specified to help and protect special vehicles in the “antique” or “classic” car category. There are different definitions on what is considered a classic or antique car, but […]

health insurance cover mental health

A Mental Health crisis is unfolding around the world. Millions of people are under considerable stress, surrounded by disease and have been forced into isolation, all of that is creating a collective traumatic experience. Combine that with the economic stress of the pandemic forcing many people to be laid off and facing money problems only […]

ethical insurance advice petra insurance

When it comes to advising our clients on life insurance policies, we do it a little differently than other brokers. This isn’t some sort of hollow promise, but we just looked back on several life insurance transactions, and it is a well-documented, distinctive approach at Petra Insurance Brokers.  Recently, one of our long-standing clients came […]

financial planning for yourself and your business

As an insurance broker and advisor, we work with businesses and individuals every day. However, in our industry, we often engage with companies and people on their worst days. The COVID-19 pandemic has placed tremendous pressure on businesses around the world – especially small to medium-sized businesses (SMEs). Given these uncertain times, now more than […]