7 halloween risk for insurance to have

Spider webs are strewn across perfectly trimmed bushes. Pumpkins are gutted and carved into smiles. Fluffy stuffed tarantulas replace your doorbell. Little witches, colorful superheroes and dozens of Harry Potters, come out for a bit of stroll and a free sugar rush. Although children may look forward to a careless night trading Twizzlers for Reese’s […]

enhance commercial insurance with umbrella insurance uae

An unexpected disaster can damage, stall, and even destroy your business. Commercial insurance coverage helps you limit your financial exposure, while simultaneously allowing you to focus your responsibilities on maintaining operations and retaining your customers.  Taking it a step further, commercial umbrella insurance provides additional liability coverage to guarantee all of your assets and needs […]

safe shopping uae petra insurance

It seems like only yesterday the world witnessed the arrival of ‘FinTech’, and now ‘InsurTech’ has become the new disruptor poised to revolutionize local insurance markets around the world.  At the forefront of the InsurTech revolution within the UAE are none other than insurance aggregators. Here’s everything you need to know about the insurance aggregator […]

body insurance uae petra insurance

With the multitude of insurance options available out there, body part insurance is indeed reflective of the multifaceted quirks existing in our diverse livelihoods. Although insuring specific body parts can be largely regarded as a publicity tactic for celebrities, there is quite a logical explanation behind getting for example, one’s right foot insured.  What is […]

insurance claims petra insurance

If you’re lucky, you will never have to file an insurance claim. However, for many people, things can (and do) go wrong. In fact, over the years, insurance providers have paid out huge sums of money to insurance-holders for claims ranging from natural disasters and pet policies to everything in between. These individuals leveraged the […]

partnering with insurance broker benefits

There are many insurance policy options available. Whether you require auto insurance, life insurance, or business protection insurance, it’s important you find the right coverage to meet your needs. However, purchasing a policy without the advice of an experienced insurance broker could cost you greatly in regard to policy rates and long-term protection of your […]

dark tourism insurace petra insurance

Every year, millions of tourists flock to the latest and hottest destination all over the world for vacation. From Iceland to Ibiza, “hot” places to visit ebb and flow each year as trends change over time and even based on popular tv shows on Instagram trends. Historically governed by new discovery and news outlets, most […]

car insurance services uae

Whether you drive your children to and from school, need your vehicle to commute to work, or enjoy riding around in your luxury vehicle during your downtime – your vehicle is an important aspect in your life. Auto insurance is designed to protect your car against expenses incurred due to unforeseen events like third-party liability, […]

business protection insurance

Whether you run a corporate, small, or medium-sized business, business protection insurance is vital to securing the succession and continuity of your company. Many entrepreneurs spend the bulk of their time running and developing their business. They work towards securing the future and growth of their business. Very rarely do they consider what would happen […]