Picking the right training facility can be vital to achieving your fitness goals. Has it got the right equipment? Does it have a positive, inspiring atmosphere? Can the professional staff offer me the right guidance? These are all questions that the customer can determine. Not under similar control, however, are things that can happen during a workout. […]

If you’re a business owner or an HR professional in the UAE it is already understood that employee retention is a necessity for the company’s success.  Besides having your team engaged on the task at hand with an ambitious vision that is meant to change the world, the bottom-line there’s a responsibility to the team […]

Early this morning a devastating fire hit JLT cluster U.  In case you haven’t heard or don’t have full details, you can read the news report here. The fact is, this is heartbreaking. The hard reality is that people have lost their homes, their furniture, precious belongings and everything they’ve earned over the years wiped [...]

Imagine one night you come home and your house is flooded… your heart sinks, panic starts to set in and you don’t know what to do… The damage is immense, your mind starts racing,  running some numbers as to how much is this going to cost you and…. you don’t know what to do… Imagine […]