Personal Insurance for High-Risk Countries

Personal Insurance for High-Risk Countries

When you travel to a country or region that is deemed to be high-risk, your regular insurance policy will not provide coverage in the event of a medical emergency or accidental death. Essentially, if something were to happen to you in these dangerous countries, you would be without the safety and protection of your insurance policy. Your family and dependants would not receive any benefits from your existing policies. 

A personal high-risk insurance policy will help provide you and your family peace of mind in the event of a medical emergency or death in a high-risk country. 

What is a High-Risk Zone?

The high-risk zone includes those countries which are prone to experience acts of war, terrorism, political unrest, and kidnapping. From Afghanistan and Iran to Iraq, Sudan, Africa, Libya, and Syria, many individuals are contracted to high-risk areas of the world for work. Traveling to war-torn or dangerous destinations can be a harrowing task. Supplemental personal accident insurance is designed to protect your interests in these areas.

If you or your employees will be traveling to one of these high-risk regions, you should take out additional personal accident insurance to protect your interests while you are potentially in harm’s way.  

What does High-Risk Insurance Cover?

Like traditional personal accident insurance, high-risk insurance policies protect your interests in the event of a medical emergency or accidental death while traveling or working in a high-risk country. Additionally, you can include coverage for emergency evacuation and kidnapping. 

  • Medical CoverageWhen you travel to a high-risk country, your traditional medical insurance policy will not cover any medical expenses in the event of a medical emergency. A high-risk policy can be written to provide temporary medical coverage while you are in a specific country or region (such as Iraq, Afghanistan or Syria). This additional coverage will protect you and your family if you are critically injured following an accident while visiting a high-risk country.
  • Life InsuranceUnfortunately, you assume a much higher risk for accidental death in high-risk regions. Personal insurance for high-risk countries provides your family with life insurance in the event that you die while traveling or working in these regions. This additional coverage ensures your family and loved ones will be taken care of in the event of your accidental death due to a workplace accident, an act of terrorism, and much more.
  • Kidnap and Ransom Insurance Negotiating with criminals to rescue kidnap victims or hostages can be incredibly expensive. Costs often go far beyond paying a ransom demand. Personal high-risk insurance can include coverage to protect you and your company against such threats. Designed to provide access to experienced professionals who will help your company deal with such a threat, high-risk policies will pay any ransoms or fees associated with a kidnapping or hostage situation.
  • Emergency EvacuationPersonal accident insurance for high-risk areas often includes coverage for emergency evacuation. This can include medical evacuation or evacuation due to political unrest or an act of terrorism. 

Petra Insurance Solution

If you or your employees are traveling to a high-risk country such as Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, Iran, Sudan, Libya or Syria, high-risk insurance policies are available to cover a full range of individual or group needs. At Petra Insurance, we specialize in providing high-risk insurance policies to protect your interests in the event of:

  • Accidental death (including war zone and for acts of terrorism)
  • Medical and emergency medical evacuation (including war zone and for acts of terrorism)
  • Kidnap, ransom and extortion 
  • And much more

Regardless of your career, medical history or age, our advisors are ready to help you review your existing coverage or provide you with a quote for new coverage to ensure you’re protected if/when you need to travel to high-risk countries.

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Personal Insurance for High-Risk Countries


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