trust and transparency in the world of insurance uae

With a storied history and a stellar reputation in the UAE, our priorities remain: Delivering bespoke insurance solutions to meet the individual, family, or commercial needs of our clients. Building this reputation takes serious effort, that is why our team operates with a goal of creating lasting professional relationships with our clients. We have built […]

personal insurance for high-risk countries petra insurance

When you travel to a country or region that is deemed to be high-risk, your regular insurance policy will not provide coverage in the event of a medical emergency or accidental death. Essentially, if something were to happen to you in these dangerous countries, you would be without the safety and protection of your insurance […]

guide to takaful insurance uae petra insurance

Have you been wondering about the differences between traditional insurance and Takaful? Although both protect the insured, there are major differences between the two.   What is Takaful?   Takaful is a Shariah-compliant insurance option, grounded in Islamic Muamalat (Islamic transactions) products, which explains how individuals are responsible to cooperate, support and protect one another. […]

insurance for schools uae petra insurance

You might be wondering why a school would require insurance coverage? Like any other business model, a school is an investment for owners, principals, and parents alike. It’s in everyone’s best interests to ensure they are protected against any unforeseen circumstances. With all of the comings and goings before, during, and after school hours, nurseries, […]

3 things you should know before hiring influencer petra insurance

Influencer clout in a nutshell A paradigm shift in the marketing industry towards the use of social media influencers, could potentially raise alarms for brands partnering with them. An influencer is an online personality that consistently shares content to an engaged following base. According to Rachel David, founder of Hashtag Communications Inc, influencer marketing is […]

liability claim petra insurance

What is a liability claim?  For a concept characterized by the painfully delicate coverage policies that accompany its issuing, a liability claim is quite simple: when the insured asks for financial assistance from the insurance company because of allegations made against them from a third party. Liability insurance coverage is, therefore, the protection the insurance […]

women and life insurance dubai

Men and women need life insurance, but traditionally, men invest in coverage more frequently than women. According to the Friends Provident International (FPI) survey conducted by YouGov, only 19% of female participants were covered by life insurance. When it comes to life insurance, a majority of women are underinsured or they are not insured at […]