Body Part Insurance - Three Things You Need to Know

Body Part Insurance – Three Things You Need to Know

With the multitude of insurance options available out there, body part insurance is indeed reflective of the multifaceted quirks existing in our diverse livelihoods. Although insuring specific body parts can be largely regarded as a publicity tactic for celebrities, there is quite a logical explanation behind getting for example, one’s right foot insured. 

What is it anyway?

Body part insurance is a specialized form of disability insurance: an opportunity to avoid financial devastation in the event one can no longer work. The main nuance is that insured body parts are, as described by Ashley Surinak, assets. Legs for a model. Feet for a football player. Vocal cords for a singer. A derriere for Jennifer Lopez and Kim Kardashian. The purpose, however, remains the same: make up for lost income from any damage that might impact one’s career. In theory, the expensive sum required to insure a specific body part balances out the cost of living without its full potential as an income generator. 

Is it even worth it? 

Two key points here. Celebrity cases such as Mariah Carey’s insured vocal cords or Taylor Swift’s insured legs have generated large amounts of news coverage, ensuring widespread publicity for these stars. Others however, have adopted it as a marketing technique. In 2003, supermarket company Somerfield, insured their senior wine buyer, Angela Mount’s, taste buds for ten million dollars. According to the Buyer’s opinion article, “Nicky Forest: Why I insured Angela Mount for 10 m…”, extreme media coverage resulted in a 19% increase in wine sales that same year, even winning several marketing awards! Nonetheless, regardless of publicity, cases such as Daniel Craig’s $ 9.5 million entire body insurance was largely considerate of the risk involved in agreeing to do his own stunt work for Casino Royale. Depending on whether your choice is motivated by publicity or mere precaution, body part insurance may be worth it if you can afford it.  

Pros and Cons? 

The cons definitely speak for themselves. Body part insurance is highly specific and expensive. Damaged body parts may indeed impede one from running a business but not in the way damage to Julia Robert’s pearly white smile would damage her career as an actress or Lancôme model. In essence, it all comes down to the monetary value associated to a part. The average person could probably settle for a more general health insurance policy.  

On the off chance that Keith Richards damaged his middle finger, consequently, his ability to perform as a guitarist, a pro associated to his body part insurance valued at $1.6 million, would alleviate some financial distress during the Rolling Stones peak era. From chest hair to toes, body part insurance is an important decision to consider if your livelihood relies on it. Ask Petra Insurance what works best for you.

Body Part Insurance - Three Things You Need to Know


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