Imagine for a minute…

Imagine one night you come home and your house is flooded… your heart sinks, panic starts to set in and you don’t know what to do…

The damage is immense, your mind starts racing,  running some numbers as to how much is this going to cost you and…. you don’t know what to do…

Imagine now, the alarm goes off and you wake up and realize this was just a dream.  Imagine that sense of relief that your worst nightmare is, in fact, a fictitious, vivid, nightmare.

Imagine for one minute though that this in fact happened. Perhaps not a flood, maybe fire or burglary or another disaster which essentially wipes out everything you’ve earned over the years.

Why take a chance on a dream? Why not live with peace of mind knowing you are protected financially against life’s unpleasant surprises?

Let’s face it people move to Dubai from all over the world to live better, earn more, provide for their families, realize dreams and become happy-satisfied people. With success and higher purchasing power people tend to, naturally, accumulate tangible assets over time, especially for the home. The key question is “are these items protected through the right insurance?”Fact dictates that we don’t know what surprises life will hold for us… so why take a risk on chances that negative incidents such as a fire or burglary won’t happen.

One piece of good news is home insurance is pleasantly very affordable and only a fraction of the value of your contents.

Some of the benefits of home insurance are:

  • Unexpected events –Your contents are covered from events such as fire, burglary, flood, lightening, among others
  • Alternative accommodation – If your home is damaged by an unexpected event and its condition is such that you cannot continue to live there, you will be paid reasonable expenses for loss of rent or alternative accommodation
  • Tenants’ liability – This protects against material damage caused to the unit rented by you following an unexpected event in which you are responsible for
  • 3rd Party liability – Cover for claims made against you by third parties who suffer injury, loss or damage in relation to your home.

The above are some of the major benefits of getting home insurance but there are more benefits that are standard part of the policy. The bottom-line is home insurance provides protection and essentially the peace of mind that you deserve so you can focus on the important things such as enjoying life in Dubai.

If you want more information to see how we can pin-point your needs email me at or alternatively call me on 0508572428 and let me help you bring clarity to your life… and not leave it to a dream.

Imagine for a minute…


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